CtxAdmTools Licensing - License Activation

To activate your product login into https://www.ctxadmtools.com/

We need to select to product we want to activate and click on Activate button.

We will be asked to complete our Name and Company.

If we bought a Enterprise license, same information extra such AD Domain Name, Citrix Farm or VMware vCenter name will be required.
In this example, AD Domain Name is required to activate the license.

NOTE: Any confidential information such AD Domain Name is stored encrypted in our Database. Each customer have a unique encryption key and is not accessible by CtxAdmTools.

Click on Generate License button to create the license file.

After we click on the Generate License button, a message will popup to let us know the license was sent to our e-mail.

Also, the Activate button will transform to Send File button. We can use the Send File button to resend the license file to our e-mail.

Seconds later, we will receive a e-mail with the attached license. We need to save the file to the same folder where our .EXE file is located.

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